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During this shelter in place order (which has now been extended to May 2020) my office is still answering phones and we are still conducting telephonic consultations. Contact us today.


When you are looking for an attorney to guide you through the SSDI process, it is important to choose one who is experienced and committed to getting clients the money they deserve. At our firm, we know you don’t want to need an attorney, and that you worry about paying high legal fees in order to get disability coverage you know you are owed. Our goal is to make sure the process is as painless as possible and to serve as a knowledgeable guide to take off the pressures of this confusing system.

We help with these filings for a living, so we know precisely what the administration is looking for, and which mistakes to avoid so you can prevent your claim from being denied. We don’t get paid until you get paid, and our legal fees are capped, so you know that you won’t be breaking the bank by getting assistance from an attorney. Call our office at 866-965-2831 to learn more about how we can help you get through the process successfully.

Meet The Attorney Who Founded North Bay Disability Law Group

At the North Bay Disability Law Group, we know that the best way to provide the representation our clients need is by focusing on their concerns. To that end, our firm focuses heavily on Social Security Disability Insurance matters, and Brian Barboza — the firm’s founding lawyer — has intentionally kept the scope of his practice narrow. To learn more about his goals and accomplishments, please visit the link below:

Not being able to work is frustrating enough on its own, the last thing you need is to endure a long and complex application process to get the money you need to buy groceries and pay for your home. We genuinely care about getting you what you deserve, so if you want to work with a law firm that is welcoming, caring and efficient and aggressive in your representation, you have come to the right firm.

Interested in discussing your situation with an experienced lawyer? Schedule a free initial consultation! We represent clients in Santa Rosa, and throughout Northern California who need Social Security benefits. Get in touch online or call our office at 866-965-2831.