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The in-person or phone disability interview

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Firm News

When people in California file disability claims with the Social Security Administration, their claims can be filed online, in person or over the phone. A part of this initial process will include an in-person or phone interview with a claims representative. People should be aware of what to expect during their disability interviews so that they can be prepared.

Filing claims

People who choose to file claims in person should bring their photo identification with them. If they do not have a photo ID, they will need to provide their Social Security number, name, date of birth, the location where they were born, and the names of their parents. This is to allow the claims representative to ensure that they are speaking with the right person. People should also bring their birth certificate and be ready to answer several questions about their medical conditions, where they have received treatment, current medication, any medical testing that they have undergone, and their work history. This information may be used to determine whether the applicant’s condition meets the requirements of one of the listed disabilities for approval. If it does not, the claim may be referred to a disability determination services agency to investigate the applicant’s residual functional capacity.

Determining residual functional capacity

Disabilities that do not meet the Social Security listings will be evaluated to determine the applicant’s residual functional capacity. This is the degree to which a person is able to perform light, sedentary or medium work. The disability examiner will use the provided information to determine whether the applicant has the ability to perform similar tasks to the applicant’s former job or if he or she can return to work in a different type of job.

Gathering all of the supporting documents in advance of the disability interview for SSD is important. Having accurate and complete records of the medical treatment that has been received and the names and addresses of all treatment providers can help to make the process smoother and faster. Providing thorough evidence might also help to increase the chances that the application will be approved.