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Avoid missteps after Social Security disability benefits denials

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

Californians who are seeking Social Security disability benefits and are denied may think the case is over and they have no options to get an approval. There are certain mistakes that accompany the denial and it can prevent people from having a chance to receive benefits on appeal. Before abandoning the attempt to get benefits, it is important to understand these mistakes.

There are three common errors applicants make after a denied claim. Often, the applicant will be despondent at the denial and will not realize that an appeal has a reasonable chance to be successful. Therefore, he or she does not bother to appeal the case. Based on statistics for disability applications, there is a good possibility that the case will eventually be approved during one of the four levels of appeal – reconsideration, a hearing, the Appeals Council and a lawsuit in federal court. Trying again is a wise step.

A second mistake is when the applicant is denied and then starts all over again with an entirely new claim. Appealing has a far greater chance of success than redoing the application because administrative law judges may take a medical professional’s opinion more seriously. Also, a hearing allows the claimant to meet the decision-maker in person, which could have a positive influence. Greater detail as to the person’s disability and their limitations can improve the chance of getting an approval.

Finally, missing the deadline to appeal happens frequently. There could be many reasons for this from misunderstanding the requirements and when the appeal must be filed, to depression or negative feelings due to the claim being denied at the application level. People may have gotten bad representation or advice when they first applied. This can be rectified by seeking more competent assistance for the appeal. There are certain aspects of an appeal to focus on and it differs from the initial application. When appealing a claim, it may help to contact a legal representative with a specialization in these cases. This may be essential for a successful Social Security disability benefits appeal.