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During this shelter in place order (which has now been extended to May 2020) my office is still answering phones and we are still conducting telephonic consultations. Contact us today.

California Social Security Disability Lawyer

A Firm With An Intentional Focus

At the North Bay Disability Law Group, we work with individuals throughout Northern California who are unable to work because of injuries or illnesses. Unlike lawyers who represent clients in a variety of legal matters, we’ve intentionally kept the scope of our practice limited. Our attorneys have spent their entire careers focusing on two areas of law.

We would rather spend our time learning every nuance of Social Security Disability law, than learn a little bit about every area of law. Plus, by keeping our focus limited, we’re able to run our office more efficiently and advocate for our clients more effectively.

Communication At Every Step Of The Process

Waiting for answers can be difficult, especially when it’s for something as important as the benefits you need. We know this is a tough time, so we keep our clients apprised about all updates to their cases.

When individuals contact our firm, the first thing we do is have a candid conversation about their situation and the injuries they are suffering from. After that conversation, we advise individuals about possible strengths and weaknesses in their cases. We know our clients benefit from making a human connection, so we always strive to meet our clients in person.

We know this can be a long process, and there’s not much we can do to make it faster. However, we will do everything we can to prevent unnecessary delays. Our Santa Rosa disability appeals lawyer will communicate with the Social Security Administration and make sure the appropriate parties are focusing on the files of our clients.

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