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During this shelter in place order (which has now been extended to May 2020) my office is still answering phones and we are still conducting telephonic consultations. Contact us today.

Santa Rosa SSDI Law Office

Santa Rosa has many booming industries these days, and many of them offer jobs that require a good amount of physical activity. Whether you work in tourism, help support wine country or are any worker who has been injured and unable to perform his or her duties for a long period of time, we can help you file your Social Security Disability claim application quickly and efficiently.

When you apply for SSDI in Santa Rosa, California, the process can take many months before your claim is approved, and many claims are denied after the initial review. It is easy to become discouraged and burnt out over all the paperwork, the waiting, the office visits and the stresses involved in figuring out how to navigate the process.

Our firm is committed to helping those in and around Santa Rosa with their SSDI claims. Call our Santa Rosa SSDI law office at 866-965-2831 to find out more about how we can help you through this bureaucratic labyrinth.

Getting You Better Access

The fact that there is a Social Security Administration office in Santa Rosa may lead you to believe that it will be easy to get access to someone who can answer your questions, give you an application and generally take care of your concerns. However, this can be far from the truth. The limited office hours have hindered many of my clients from being able to speak with someone about their application or get their questions answered.

Only open during weekdays, and even then with limited hours from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and on Wednesdays even shorter, it can be impossible for those whose loved ones work during the day to take them to the office. Additionally, even the website has limited hours during which you can access information and download forms. You can easily avoid these ridiculous restrictions by putting your case into the hands of an experienced SSDI attorney.

We have the answers to your questions and handle applications and appeals daily. Save yourself the hassle, and gain peace of mind that your application is being handled properly by trusting your case to an experienced SSDI lawyer as early as possible, though it is never too late to bring an attorney on board in your case.

Getting You A Better Chance At Success

In addition to making the process easier on you, hiring an SSDI attorney to assist you in your case also gives you the benefit of experience and accuracy. Because we have filed many of these petitions before, we know exactly what the administration is looking for. We can help you avoid the pitfalls novices often fall prey to, such as providing a detailed resume when documenting your work history, and ensuring the medical documentation is accurate, up-to-date and useful for your application.

When it comes to the, often inevitable, appeals process, we know the judges, we know which arguments are the most effective and more generally, we know how to present your case in a way the Social Security Administration wants it to be presented. You are skilled at the work you do, and we are skilled at ours. Take advantage of our many years of experience while you focus on moving forward in your life. Get in touch to schedule an appointment today.